Awards & Acknowledgements

– Martha Boneta was voted by Country Woman Magazine as one of the “45 Most Amazing Women in America” because of her role in changing the law to advance property rights and economic liberty on family farms.

– Martha Boneta has two bills named after her in the Virginia General Assembly – Boneta Bill I and Boneta Bill II.

– Martha was a finalist for the famous Weyrich Award for her “Courage in the Face of Power”

– The Property Rights Foundation of America named Martha the “Grassroots Property Rights Leader”

– Martha sits on a Congressional Property Rights Caucus Roundtable with national leaders concerning property rights

– A documentary film produced by HONEST ENTERPRISE of Martha Boneta’s legislative successes overcoming government over regulation and abuse of authority.  The documentary called “Farming in Fear No More”  debuted at the Anthem Film Festival at Freedom Fest and received significant awards including the acclaimed “PEOPLE’s Choice Award”

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